Our Mission 

My name is Jody Bell and I'm the creator of I.C.O.D. 


Even though we constantly hear about deportation due to media, within families and even close circles and communities, admitting that someone doesn't have their legal status can be terrifying. Not only can it be considered taboo, but, with recent steps that Trump's administration has taken against deportation, outing someone for being undocumented can actually risk getting them deported. Or in other situations, parents don't necessarily want to tell their children that they are undocumented simply because they don't want to upset them. However, deportation needs to be spoken about, especially within families, where the legal status of one person greatly effects the potential future of every member in the family.  That being said, starting this conversation can be incredibly hard, which is where I.C.O.D. can help out. 

I.C.O.D. was created as to give children more power to start a discussion about deportation, and give them the resources and support that they need to follow through and take initiative to prepare for these emergency situations. I  began the creation of I.C.O.D. during my sophomore year of high school, where I noticed many of my peers were anxious about the potential deportation of their undocumented parents.  They would come to me and other high school friends with this issue, as they were uncomfortable talking to adults about the legal status of their parents. Many of them felt they were powerless, not supported, and weren't even really educated on deportation as a topic. To make matters worst, they were overwhelmed and confused by a lot of the information on deportation that they found online, and didn't feel comfortable asking other people for clarification on a topic.

I.C.O.D. aims to make these children feel more in control, and provide a resource specifically for them. With basic information on deportation, to step by step instructions for what to do in the case of an emergency, our mission is to help children throughout this difficult process of preparing for the unknown.